Cora Repair Service Center

The Mcintosh we can repair in Quebec ,Canada. For USA customers please send your appliance by post.

Mcintosh Audio repair and service. Rate $64/hour

Mario home
We are in business since 37 year
We have two technicians who repair a
lot of brand on warranty like Audio
Research , Naim ,Rega,Musicalfidelity
NAD, Theta ,

We repair some vintage Mcintosh and new model: C4,C8,C11,C20,C22,C24,C26,C27,C28,C32,MA5,MA6,MAC1500,MC1700,MC30,MC40,MC60,
MC240,MC275,MC2100,MI2, MI3,MI350,MLC,MQ101,MR65B,MR66,MR67,MR71MR73,MR74,MR77,MR78,MX110,MX112,MX113,MX115,  link Mcintosh Picture Mcintosh

We repair Mcintosch new modele too out of warranty only model MC2505 MCintosh MC2100, MCintosh MR65, MCintosh Mac_1900,MCintosh MC225,MCintosh MC2205, MCintosh MA2275 ,MCintosh MC-30,MCintosh MC-2-KW,MCintosh MR65-MA5,MCintosh MC_4100 ,MCintosh MC240, MCintosh MC2500, If you have a other model Email me Mario

Warning This site is intended only for peoples that will
send their electronic appliances in my shop for repair or plan to do so.
This is not a forum about repairs and we do not sell schematics and parts.
Thanks for your understanding .Have a good day
131 , 18th Street
Quebec , Canada